Thursday, February 25, 2010

Transferred to Abilene,Texas!

Hey everyone! Well here we are 2/25/10 and we have received yet another email from our favorite Missionary! It seems as though the farther Matthew gets into his mission the shorter the emails are!

As you can tell Matthew has been transferred to Abilene Texas. Evidently it is a city unlike all the little towns he has served the rest of his mission in. He is excited to serve with more missionaries. There are a total of 6 missionaries in this city. The area he and his new companion are in was a sister missionary area. Matthew's new companion is Elder Pitts and stands 6'4! Matthew says they get along great and cant wait to share the Gospel. The Lord must have great things waiting for him there as he was told by his Mission President " I am sending you there for a good reason." We cant wait to see the progress and experiences he will encounter.

We are so excited that he will have the opportunity to see more of Texas. He cant stop talking about how he loves his mission! We are so proud of Matthew and hope Abilene will be a great experience.

Good job Matthew and we love you!

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