Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Email from Matthew in Pecos, Texas!

Well we received another email from Matthew today. What a wonderful day it is when you receive an email home and your son proceeds to tell you how much he loves his mission! Kendal and I are so lucky, as every week we get to hear how wonderful things are and how Matthew loves his mission! Definitely one of the greatest blessings in life!

Right now Matthew is serving with Elder Hardy in Pecos. This next week brings transfers for the Texas Lubbock Mission so they are anxiously awaiting to hear what will happen. This will be Elder Hardys last transfer before he goes home.
This week in Matthews email he sent a copy of an email from President Robison, as they get an email each week, and in it, it speaks of Matthew and Elder Hardy and how they listened to the words of the President and Zone leaders and in doing so they were blessed to have some really good results come of their work. It is such a blessing that they are humble enough to listen to the counsel given and in turn be blessed to be able to bring people into the church. They will be baptizing Maria Morales and her husband on February 27, 2010 and when the children are of age they will be baptized too! Keep up the good work Matthew!!!!

The rest of his email tells of different experiences he is having and of the love for his family. Matthew has a couple of friends out on missions right now and one is about to come home. Chris Bailey is serving in Bucharest Romania and will be coming home 2 weeks from today!!! What a wonderful day it will be for Chirs and his family to reunite after 2 yrs. We so look forward to that day with Matthew.

We have received a few more pictures and will be posting them soon. Thank you to everyone who supports Matthew! We love you Matthew!

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