Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Message From Abilene!!!!

Well here it is a few days before Easter and we have just received another email from Matthew! He is doing very well and have much success in Abilene. The work is moving forward and at a good pace. Since Matthew has been there they have had 3 baptisms already and a couple more in the works. Good Job Elders!!!

Matthew seems to really like it in Abilene. Like usual, he speaks of loving his mission and loving seeing the Church grow and seeing peoples lives change as they accept the Gospel. True words spoken of a truely dedicated Missionary.

In the last email I sent to Matthew I had to actually scold him a little bit. Can you believe it???? 20 yrs old, on a mission, and his Mom still scolding him... Wow!
But, the emails get shorter and shorter all the time and no letters coming home. My last email was only 4 sentences or so. My husband keeps telling me he is staying focused on the work and to leave him alone but being the Mom that I am, I just want to know how he is doing and that he is ok. So..... we will see if he listens. Thank goodness Mother's Day is coming next month and then we get to talk to him! Woohoo!!!!!!

Thanks for all the support everyone has given Matthew. It is truly appreciated!!!

We love you Matthew!

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