Monday, March 30, 2009

The Work Goes On In Clovis

Another email from Elder Haynie! He is loving life.

As said before, P-days are on Mondays. We received another email from him and he loves being on his mission. He and Elder Curtis are very busy doing the work. Matthew talks of being out just one week and the many experiences they have already had. He loves the people in Clovis. He has met many members and loves them all. Of course i am sure they love him too. Who wouldn't??

When they are out "Finding" or as we call it "tracting", he's had people who are interested, not interested, and even some doors slammed on them. But, his spirits are so high and he loves it so much. They have been very busy and ding great things. They have a Baptism this week. Matthews companion will be performing the Baptism (Good job Elder Curtis, his companion). He says he will never forget his first Baptism of his mission. He is reeling with emotion.

As you all know, Matthew has always had short hair. Since he was 7 or 8 he has always had it very short. Not anymore!!!! A requirement of the mission is that you have long enough hair to part. So, he grew it out and now wears a part!!!! As he said, WEIRD!!! I am sure he looks very handsome.

He finally asked about Buster!! He must be missing him. Buster has been so lonely and moping around but each day he does a little better. Matthew has been his best friend forever!

Elder Curtis must be a great Elder. Matthew speaks so highly of him and how well they get along. He even says time is going so fast. It has been 1 month already and it seems like he just went into the MTC. 23 months to go!!!!

We are so happy every week when we get an email or letter from Matthew. It seems like so long til the next one but then it comes pretty quickly and all is well again. I (Mom) know that whenever I am wondering, or worrying as my Husband puts it, we hear from Matthew and all my questions are answered. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father gave me such a good son and cherish every minute he is on his mission having the time of his life.

Matthew finished by saying, "please write. I love getting mail and want to hear from everyone." So, anyone who would like to write to him, the address is:

Elder Haynie
2100 Mitchell #30
Clovis, New Mexico 88101

We hope you love hearing all about Matthew's adventures as much as we do. We will keep you updated!!!! WE LOVE YOU ELDER HAYNIE!!!!!!!

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