Sunday, March 29, 2009

1st Area, Clovis New Mexico

Clovis, New Mexico! Elder Haynie's first area! We received a letter from Matthew yesterday. He tells of his trip to Lubbock. When he arrived, he was greeted by the Mission President, President Robison, and his wife. They stayed at the mission home and had dinner with the President and interviews. The next day he was transferred to Clovis. He says it is really windy all the time. Sometimes riding his bike against the wind is rough. He doesn't complain he just loves being there.

Matthews companion, Elder Curtis, seems like a great guy. He is the District Leader and doing a great job. Elder Curtis is from Orem and played football for BYU. Matthew says he is great. They were able to get special permission from the President to play basketball during the week with investigaters, and they are loving it. Clovis must not be a big town, as there is only 1 Chapel there. He couldn't wait for Church on Sunday to meet the people in his ward. He seems to be doing very well.

Matthews P-Days are on Mondays now. So we should be able to get an email from him on Mondays and keep all of you updated on his experiences. We are so proud of you Matthew!

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