Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Years Resolution: To keep up Matthews blog MUCH BETTER!

Hi everyone!! I guess as everyone can tell, I failed at keeping up Matthews blog badly. It has been since July 9,2009 since there has been any posting and I feel like a failure as a Mom for allowing this to happen. My new year's resolution is to do much better at this and I will succeed!

So I guess I will start with an update as to everything that has happened since the last posting. Matthew is doing wonderful! (was there any doubt?) Since he left Clovis he has served in 2 other areas. He went to Brady, Texas and now is in Pecos Texas. He has yet to serve in a big city, they have all been little towns. He would really like to go to a bigger city but says he will gladly go where ever the Lord needs him. He served in Brady for quite a while and really grew to love the people there. There was a special family by the name of Fernandez who really took the missionaries under their wings and helped them and made sure that they had a good Thanksgiving and a good Christmas. We are so grateful for people like the Fernandez's!
Matthew has had 2 or 3 companions since he left Clovis and their names are Elder Lofgran, Elder Whipple, and now his companion is Elder Hardy. He has been very lucky to get such good Elders to serve with. Most of them have been missionaries that are just getting to go home, but he doesnt let that hold them back. The work goes on! We have receieved pictures throughout the last few months and some of them are with his companions, and we will be posting them soon.

Other things that have happened durig this time, is Matthew's Grandma Betty was married and sealed in the Portland Temple. What a wonderful woman! She has married a great man who loves her and takes great care of her. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Also, Matthews Grandpa Norm (mom's Dad) passed away in August. He had been very sick with Alzheimers and emphysema. We were able to call and speak to the Mission President and he allowed Matthew to call for a short time so that we might let him know. It was more of a blessing for me (Mom) to talk to him as he had some really good words of wisdom that I needed to hear. There is a moment in time when a Mother feels so blessed to know that her son has grown up to be a man and the things that we have tried to teach our kids actually worked. Grandpa Norm will forever be missed!

Matthew got to experience his first Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mission field. Now as you can imagine, I (mom) couldnt let my boy go without his favorite thing for Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie. What an experience it was to get a pumpkin pie to someone in Brady Texas! After much a do, I was lucky enough to find a very nice man who was in his ward to take a pie to Matthew and tell him that his Mom was thinking of him. The people of Brady are truly loving and good people.
Then there was Christmas! I MAY have over done it a tad bit! Knowing his Mother and Aunt Patty, there was no way he wasnt going to have a great Christmas! And that he did! Matthews bike he had when he got on his mission was one he bought from another Elder who was going home and finally gave out about 3 weeks before Christmas. So..... Matthew has a new bright shiny red bike. ( He is so spoiled!!!)
along with a number of other things, needless to say he had a great Christmas! He was able to spend dinner and part of the day with the Fernandez's. He said his most memorable time was when him and his companion got to sing a song with the family to some non members and investigators. He loved that!

As you can well imagine a number of other things have happened over this time but the most important is that Matthew loves his mission. He loves serving the Lord! That is our greatest blessing of all!

I promise I will do a much better job of keeping this blog updated. We get to hear from Matthew again tomorrow (pday)and then we will post again after that. We will also post a number of pictures and let you see how well he is doing.

We love you Mathhew!

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