Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well Time Got Away From Me

It has been so long since we have updated this blog. I am feeling so bad about it. My goal is to do much better at this.

Elder Haynie is doing fabulous! He never ceases to amaze us. As you all know from the previous post, Matthew was serving in Clovis. He is still there! He loves Clovis and the people. His companion is still Elder Johnson. They get along great. They are doing so much work and hoping for many baptisms in the near future. They baptized a couple 2 weeks ago that got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday. We received pictures that I will post very soon. They were so proud to have this couple be faithful and in the Church. We cant wait to hear of many more baptisms to come!

On Matthews off time, he has taken up a few new hobbies. He now plays golf, and loves it! From the charges on the personal debit card, we find that he has gotten himself all set up with clothing and all. Of course they play only p-day! He also has taken up rubic's cube. He has gotten pretty good at it too! I think he can finish it in 3 minutes or less. Thats pretty good!

We are so proud of Matthew as he continues to go forward with the work. He is loving his mission and growing by leaps and bounds. We will be more diligent in posting here for all of you.

We love you Matthew!

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