Thursday, May 14, 2009

My How Time Flies!

Well here we are again. Another 12 days have passed and so much has happened.

Elder Haynie is doing so well. He absolutely loves his mission! Since the last posting of this blog, Matthew has had transfers and a call home. What a blessing.

First, transfers were on May 3, 2009. Matthew did not get transferred so he is still in Clovis. He is so happy to stay as he loves Clovis. He did get a new companion. Elder Johnson! I am sure this will be a great companionship! Matthew speaks highly of Elder Johnson and says they get along great. They have been very busy doing the work and teaching the Gospel.

Second, Matthew called home on Mothers Day! This was the best Mothers Day present I could have gotten. But, knowing Matthew, of course it was nail biting waiting to hear from him. Earlier in an email I had asked what time we would be hearing from him and he didnt know but probably in the afternoon. So Mothers Day approaches and we had not heard from him by the time we went to church. Of course every other Mother in the ward with Missionaries out heard from theirs!!!! So we waited patiently by the phone and finally at 730pm our time, he calls! What a long waited moment. He told us that they had forgotten it was Mothers Day the day before and made all sorts of appointments and this was the first chance he had to call. How could we be mad at that? we couldnt! So we had an hour to talk to him and find out all the things he has been doing and catching him up on a few things at home.
The amazing thing was it didnt seem like I was talking to my boy, he sounds like a very mature man! When he spoke he was so spiritual and wanted to tell us what he has learned and all the good things happening to him. It was simply amazing!!!!!!!

Even after the phone call Sunday, we still go an email on p-day (monday)! It didnt say much, but it was still nice to get a little something from him.

We as his family love him so much. We are so proud of him and try to let him know that every chance we get. Our lives are truly blessed having him out teaching the Gospel.

We love you Matthew!

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  1. It is exciting to hear how dedicated Elder Haynie is to being a great missionary. When you truly love the Lord, it isn't hard to have a desire to help others develop that same love. Families are so blessed when they have a missionary in the field -- in ways that you don't always realize at first.