Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Day in Clovis!

Well it's been a week or more since we have written on Elder Haynie's progress. He is doing well. He writes of STILL loving his mission.

In the last email we sent to Matthew, we told him of the passing of Aunt Lorraine. Knowing he would have a moment of sadness, I never dreamed that such meaningful words would come from him. He states " The greatest message I have for everyone from my mission is The Plan of Salvation. After we have left our mortal bodies and enter into Spiritual Paradise, we will see Aunt Lorraine again. We all should not be too upset knowing one day we will see her again in a perfected body. We will all be together again." What an amazing statement from an amazing young man. We are all sad about her passing, but this definitely puts things into perspective.

On a lighter note, he is already half way into a transfer. He says there are 17 transfers in a mission and he is half way into one. This doesnt seem so good to me as 17 seems like a lot but he feels differently. He cant believe how fast it is going. In every letter he writes, he mentions how fast his mission is going. And enjoying every minute of it.

The work is coming along in Clovis. They are struggling right now for teaching appointments, but have alot of faith that it will all come together in due time. He doesnt seem to get discouraged, just says he has a lot of studying time. Of course the time will come when he is so busy he wont be able to see straight. Good times ahead!

Of course being his Mother, I worry about the "little" things like him having food and eating. This Mission President is a bit different. The Elders are not allowed to go to dinner appointments at members homes unless they have an investigater there. So, this put a small strain on the eating situation. Being as Matthew is so skinny anyways, I worry he wont get enough. So, I asked him about it and he sent me his daily menu which consists of:

A bowl of cereal in the morning
1 hot pocket and 2 pks of top ramen for lunch
1 burrito for a snack
A bowl of cereal and 2 pks of top ramen for dinner

Yuck!!!!! But he likes it. Just so you know, I have never seen Matthew eat a package of top ramen in my life! Gourmet meals for my Missionary!
Needless to say, I will still worry about the food situation.

Matthew loves getting mail. He asked us to thank everyone who has written and asked to keep the letters coming. We try to send him a couple letters a week and a care package as often as we can.

We are so looking forward to talking to Matthew on Mothers Day. It seems so long since we have heard his voice.

In closing, Matthew loves his family. Reading the words he expresses puts everything into perspective and tells us he is right where he needs to be!!!

We love you Matthew!

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