Friday, March 20, 2009

Leaving the MTC

Almost two weeks have passed since our last entry. Matthew is now getting ready to leave the MTC. He has had such a good time there and learned so many things. Since he has been there he has learned all the discussions and made many friends. He speaks of having thousands of spiritual experiences a day! In just the short time he has been there we have noticed a change in him already. He seems so happy and ready to have the best mission of his life. He can't wait to get to Lubbock.

He has had the opportunity to be with friends he had already knew and share in this great time with them. In one of the emails he sent he asked if we could send him 5 ties, all the same, so he and the rest of the Elder's in his district could all where them on their last day there. Of course, being his Mom, I said yes! I bet they all looked great.

Matthew will be flying to Lubbock on Monday March 23, 2009. He cant wait to go. We are all so excited as we will get to talk to him for the first time since he left, on the phone from the airport. We are waiting on pins and needles!

Matthew will be a great Missionary in Texas. We are all anxiously awaiting his first baptism! We love you Elder Haynie

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