Monday, March 9, 2009

The Beginning

This is the Beginning of the Elder Haynie Journey!

We as Elder Haynie's family wanted to start this blog to let all, who want, to follow his steps and experiences. We are so proud of him and cant wait to share this with him.

Elder Haynie entered the MTC March 4, 2009 in Provo, Utah at 12:00p.m.. Preparing for this day has been a long journey in itself. With purchasing all the items on the list from the Church, to doing all the things he wanted to do for the last time was exciting and exhausting. Elder Haynie's farewell was on February 22, 2009 where he gave an amazing talk. His brother kalob also spoke that day as the Youth Speaker. When Elder Haynie received his call it was a wonderful experience for our family. We had some of our dearest friends and family there to hear the news he would be going to LUBBOCK, TEXAS. Woohoo!!! Although he wanted to go out of the country, he was never disappointed and actually was very excited about LUBBOCK TEXAS. His Mom was ecstatic he was somewhat close!

Elder Haynie has a large gathering! From all of his family in Las Vegas to extended family all over the western United States. He is very fortunate to have 3 other brothers Kendal 21, Tyler 15, Kalob 14, and his Mom and Dad Kendal and Lori. There is also a large part of the family that he met just the night before he went to the MTC. We all had the opportunity to meet a very large number of relatives on his Dad's side of the family that had been missed over the years. The night prior to his entering the MTC, they hosted a Pot Luck in Matthews honor to reunite the family together. What an amazing experience for him and all of us. Although it may have been a bit overwhelming with all the anticipation he was already experiencing, he was also extremely happy. They are great people and we love and appreciate them so much.
Another part of Elder Haynie's gathering is his friends in Las Vegas and California. He has had remarkable friends that have been with him for many years. Tyler, BJ, Brionne and of the course the FAN CLUB. He truly cherishes them and we are so thankful they are such a positive influence in his life. Through time with these friends he has had one person who he has always been extremely close with and is truly his best friend and that is his brother Kendal. From the day they could talk and walk they have never lost that bond. We are so blessed that Kendal was such a positive influence and always loved and protected him. Of course thru all of this he has parents who love him so dearly. We are so proud of him. He is one of our most cherished accomplishments. We love you!

So in closing, we hope that you will join us frequently to see Elder Haynie's progression and share in our happiness as he teaches, grows, and baptizes!

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